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Old 05-17-2009, 01:30 PM
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Originally Posted by LiTos456 View Post
PS: I cannot believe this thread ended up being an argument. On nearly every forum, there's always one person who would jack a thread just to flame on or hate on the creator of it. So 1-1, we're even, because that seems unreasonable. You jack my thread, and I make you register to see shots. Viola.
Well, if you want. I think I've already registered by curiosity when you advertised the first batch of exclusive screenshots. That's a good thing that it doesn't need e-mail verification !
For the rest, I tried to be reasonable (I failed sometimes), I expressed my opinion on your post and your website because it looks like it could become one of the main community website for DoF in the future, and I would like to encourage it to follow the way that will be most profitable to all.
I've lurked around a few modding communities, and it often happened that they were scattered among multiple websites, mainly because the webmasters of these websites just wanted to create their own and sometimes because they had a different approach on how to creat/maintain a website and a forum, etc. In the end, all these websites had the same basic features and it just scattered the players, the modders and the stuff they shared. Because most players and modders just wan't to share their creations and passion for the game and don't care about who's managing the site or moderating the forum.

I hope for the DoF community that only one community website will eventually emerge.
I hope that this website is managed in a democratic way.
My point is exposed and I - don't promise that I - won't argue more on details.

Originally Posted by LiTos456 View Post
Alright. As you can see I listen to your suggestions so now you can view the shots without registering.
That's cool! Well done and fast!
Forum wwoofing, Site communautaire wwoof, échanges autour du wwoof pour tous les wwoofeurs et hôtes wwoof.

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