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Old 05-17-2009, 11:02 AM
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Thanks for backing me up Alex.
There are a few reasons why I need people to register. First of all, I obviously need members. Maybe a portion of those who registers to look at the exclusive shots will actually stay around.
Second, it is benefitial for them to register - they get exclusive shots not available anywhere else, and also even if it was my idea in the first place someone from Reverie also suggested for me to do that.
And even if users do not stay, when DoF comes out and after some time they make a map, and they wonder where to put it up, they'll think and say "Oh wait, I remember I have an account on that site where I can upload things!" and then he comes to the site and hopefully, there is a lot of content up by then and he's excited to share his and find some other interesting things to download.
It all doesn't work instantaniously. Yes I also do hate commercial speech and I do love honest things, but I decided to write honest things in commercial speech because it seemed more solid, elegant, and professional. If you take a look at the website itself, you will surely find that none of what I said doesn't exist.
And besides, how could someone lie about the features of a website? It isn't a commercial product advertised on TV, no, and it's not one of those "Make my computer fast in an instant" sites.
I apologize that forcing members to register to see the exclusive shots is unreasonable, but in the very beginning of the site, when barely anybody knows about it - let alone the game itself (as alex said, not many outside this little group know about DoF) - at this time, I have to do more of this kind of promotion. Later, when the game is out, when there are more people knowing it, it should all eventually come around by itself and I won't be doing this anymore.
And just FYI, to confirm Alex's thought, the way I advertise DoFs on other gaming websites is that I make a thread about dawn of fantasy and then at the end of the post I actually mention the website. That way, I'm really advertising our beloved Dawn of Fantasy instead of my site.

PS: I cannot believe this thread ended up being an argument. On nearly every forum, there's always one person who would jack a thread just to flame on or hate on the creator of it. So 1-1, we're even, because that seems unreasonable. You jack my thread, and I make you register to see shots. Viola.
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