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Old 05-17-2009, 09:51 AM
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You have a rather pessimistic view on advertising, my friend.
Litos here is indirectly advertising our new favorite game, Dawn of Fantasy. You may not have noticed, but nobody outside this little group really knows about the game, so he is doing a very good thing. As for commercial speech, it's another necessity. I usually try and issue a somewhat format press release for something larger that I do and, like Litos, I constantly use 'we,' even when writing primarily about something I published individually. This isn't because I have split personalities, it's because, as staff, I'm representing the entire fansite community. One thing I'm not sure I agree with is making visitors register to see parts of the site. Yes, I did register but mostly this has an inverse effect as visitors are more likely to leave rather than keep lurking around the instant they see a registration screen. Most sites have somewhere around a 90/10 ration where 90% of the visitors lurk but never register and only 10% register and contribute, so I always like to cater to that 90%. But good job on securing the shots all the same.
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