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Old 05-17-2009, 05:25 AM
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Originally Posted by LiTos456 View Post
Actually it's exactly what you're saying it is.
To this time we've already made a few changes that were suggested by the members on the forum.
And if you hadn't noticed I use "we" so I'm not the only one who was working on the site.
Then I apologize. And for my rudeness too, I'm just being irritated by anything that relates to commercial-marketing spirit.
The "we" cannot be an indication of wether you where alone or not, it's a constant of commercial speech.

Originally Posted by LiTos456 View Post
And do you not expect me to use commercial speech? I do need to let people know about the site in a way, so I'd rather do it in a mature, organized way.
Commercial speech = language tricks and techniques to make people do something that will benefit you. In practice it means exploiting other people. So, yes, It sounds off for a free iniative to avoid speaking in perfect simplicity and honesty. Not that all your post was a "lie", but I don't feel like you have a candid approach to promoting DoFSource. Using screenshots exclusivity is very strange in its own. Why inventing that ? It looks like it's just to motivate people to create an account, which is slightly pathetic. Can't you just promote the real speficities of dofs ?
I'd like to see the marketing frame of mind erased from planet Earth, it spoils human relations. It's a plague.

It's funny how you didn't even comment on the screenshots themselves.
I wasn't interested in this part of your post. I'm not fan of DoF enough yet to chase after a few screenshots. If they were posted here I would have looked at them and commented them. ^^
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