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Old 08-23-2007, 08:39 AM
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I'd have to agree with Darvin for toning down the damage taken from water spells for Inner Fire, as he said a sufficient amount of damage is enough to cripple you and have you lose the game. You said that Inner Fire will become the healing spell, well if you had just used it to boost your army, the enemy casted a water spell, then you casted a counter, how are you going to heal your army? Inner Fire so that they just tkae more damage again? 470X just seems like way too much and for being a level 4 spell seems extremely easy to counter. If the enemy has no water spells than that would not be a problem. However a halfway decent player will have a balance so they can counter whatever may come their way, and given the amount of time that Inner Fire lasts water spells could be absolutely devastating and you casting a spell meant to help you could instead cost you the game.