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I've played games where, a higher level guy usually doesn't have too much trouble dispatching lower level people even if they are working in a combined effort. That's my only concern with the system now that Darvin hasn't mentioned (Or has mentioned but I did not read).
Actually, I'd disagree with you on this count. If anything, spellcasters in this game seem to parallel heroes in Warcraft III, in that heroes were the only real counter to other heroes. In that game, the advantage of two players starting with two heroes, as opposed to one player starting with one, was such a huge edge that even very experienced players couldn't realistically challenge two reasonably proficient players. We don't know yet enough about how this game plays to see how it will turn out. It's too early to lay judgement on this matter.

Other than that, what has been worked out seems like a solid method of ensuring sizable magic battles, but will there a way to automate some spells so it doesn't over burden the player while he's trying to fight off units with his regular troops and counter spells at the same time. It may not seem like much, but half the spells in Warcraft 3 I never use because I just feel like I don't have time to switch to my spell caster and still fight effectively.
Didn't you know about subgroups in Warcraft III? You could access your spellcasters quickly just by grouping them together (say, putting them all in group 3). When you had group 3 selected, you could just press tab to scroll through all your spellcaster types. If you knew the spell hotkeys, you could get your spellcasting done in two or three seconds.

The problem wasn't that blizzard didn't afford players the tools they needed to manage spellcasters, it's that the feature was only ever described inside the manual ( who reads that thing ) and in one line of dialog during the tutorial that I think most people never played anyways.

That said, I can understand micromanagement issues becoming big. We don't want this to become something utterly overwhelming. For a lot of people, late game warcraft III became an attack-move nightmare because the battle was going so fast that they couldn't keep up.