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Old 05-14-2009, 05:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Joseph Visscher View Post
units in game are in many various angles while fighting enemies
Well i am not sure if i got the "tricky" part right from you at end, you thought that it is tricky for ppl there who for example just turn around in sec and got hit in back or shield...., or you ment tricky to make such an effect?

This effect seems very realistic and important to me like in every real battle they were moving/turning (if they had space, like they didnt have in ancient greece ... dont know the name of that formation in english) and in real battle if you were unlucky, you are slashing poor ppl or blocking an attack from sword from the front, but at the same time they ambushed with archers from the back so they werent protected there and got pew pewed =) (also nice tactics for ambushes). And also the soldiers with biiiiiig shield for example would last muchmuch longer (maybe also survive the storm of arrows if lucky) than the one with smaller.. in the effect of storm of arrow (my expression for a lot of incoming arrow projectiles) the soldier with your effect - just take less dmg from arrows they would eventually kill him if they hit him.. and thats not much realistic if you look the point of the biiiiig shield.

So i think the all the time turning soldiers in this game doesnt seem to be tricky for me (units have shields for a reason and not just for their look), well but you have more experience with these stuffs how they work ingame so i can be totally wrong.
If you meant with tricky - hard to make this effect, just skip this wall of text =).

And dont take me wrong, i have never seen or been so excited for an incoming game as this, tho it looks just wonderful even without this effect i will love it (with this effect would look even nicer but as i said before, i dont know how would this work in games - you are better at it)

*edit: and usually soldiers are turning around in battles so you wouldnt shoot with archers at them because you could also hit yours (i didnt look on forum about this - if you can or cant shoot your ppl with archers, so ignore this if you cant =P).

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