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Old 08-22-2007, 11:22 PM
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Good point Darvin. But as you might notice, Inner Fire is a level 4 spell - the strongest spell in the Fire School. We tried to avoid cliché of the strongest spell being blow-all enemy units on the screen-up kind, and went for most potentially lethal, but tricky.

Inner Fire does have the ability to create something similar to Undead Army of BftME, or heal a whole city packed with hundreds of units, and at the same time - as you mentioned it is a devastating offensive spell. But one mistake, and it can obliterate your own army

But, seeing how this is the toughest of the fire spells, it would take player quite some time to get a hold of this capability. Actually let me rephrase it, this spell will be available midgame. But all the stats of this spell will increase exponentially as your spellcaster gains experience. So this spell will only become the ‘army killer/healer’ towards the late game.

And one more thing to keep in mind. Most of our spells act slowly, giving other player time to react and cast a counter spell. We want to see something like this down the road:

-Player 2 got player 1`s army encircled in a Fire Wall and has a hundred archers shooting arrows at him. Player`s 1 army will be dead with-in 20 seconds.
-Now Player 1 casts Inner Fire, and moves his units out of the Fire Wall trap.
-Player 2 then, who saw this coming, casts a simple water spell on Player 1`s units – lets say it`s a frozen rain. Player 1`s army again faces destruction with-in 20 seconds.
-But Player 1 can cast another counter spell to dispel that Frozen Rain.

Hah, hopefully this didn`t sound too confusing. But in a nutshell – such magic duels is one the goal we are aiming for.

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