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What are tiles? Are they areas of the map?
Yeah. Here are two more spells to keep you guys entertained. One from fire school, and one from Air.
And thanks for your feedback with regard to complexity, sounds like we are on a right path. I hope your opinion would not change after you study the following two spells.

Lvl 4. Inner Fire, Buffs units with fire magic increasing their resistance to fire. Effects all units in 25+X radius for 30+X seconds.
Primary Effect: Increases units fire resistance by 350%+X, effects both enemy and allies.
Secondary Effect: Removes Air and Earth negative buffs from units (not area-of-effect)
Counter: Water Magic.
Side Effect: Decreases unit resistance to Water damage by 470%-X. Effects all units. Removes All other positive buffs from units (both enemy and allies)
Light: Units are healed for 15+X/second.
Dark: Unit gains additional 10+X fire damage (no matter the original attack value)
Strategy: This spell may allow your units to pass through Fire Wall spell, or burning forest. It is also be very beneficial while attacking enemy stronghold under heavy flaming-missile fire. It can be used as a great mass healing spell. Dark effect – attack bonus works great for weak units, as it might double or even triple their attack. For stronger units this attack bonus is not that significant.
The tricky part is the side effect which increases water damage sensitivity by 500%. Your units could be now easily destroyed by a simple water spell, but. You could cast this spell on enemy army, when cast a water spell on them to wreck chaos.
This spell also be used to remove negative air and earth buffs from units (not from area), it also removes positive buffs. Sometimes it might be useful to cast this spell to de-buff enemy units.

Lvl 1. Storm wind, Spell generates extremely strong directional wind in a very large area. Direction is ahead of the spellcaster. Spell lasts for 30 + X seconds.
Primary Effect: All missiles which enter the area of the spell in the direction of the wind (+-90 degrees) gain 200%+X in speed, and 5X in impact power. Missiles shot from the opposite direction (+-90 degrees) fall to the ground on release.
Secondary Effect: Slows down/speeds up walking units by 250%+X.
Counter: Area-of-effect earth, water, or fire counter spells. Spell also counters itself
Side Effect: 20%+X chance to knock down 1+X units in effected area per second. Knocked out unit suffers 10 damage.
Light: Puts off all fire in the area. Dispels any are of effect fire-spells.
Dark: Helps fire spread, increases fire effect spread factor by 4X.
Strategy: This spell will turn tide of the battle during siege, or even field battle if a lot of ranged units are envolved. Perfect, cheap counter spell for Light spellcaster, and a great offensive spell if used in combination with fire-arrows or fire magic – for Dark spellcaster. At higher levels this spell becomes a great mass-destruction spell capable of knocking down huge armies.