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Old 05-07-2009, 02:18 PM
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This was an old post I posted in the what factions would you like to see thread.

Currently we don't have a divine magic style, and I think going forward into DoF 2, it will be something we'll add. Clerics, Paladins, Shamans and Monks are all really huge Fantasy classes that we currently don't employ, so it's definitely something we will be thinking about for the next DoF installment
A lot of time when you add religion to a game it can make a lot of people apprehensive to it. You have people who are very religious in their life and they find the role of playing someone who worships another deity it can make them uncomfortable or make them shun the game entirely. You also have the anti-theist type people who despise religion and wont play it due to those facts. You also have to understand that designing games is a business, we aren't going to make changes that are going to alienate a huge chunk of players because that's a lot of money out of ours and the publisher's pocket. So you have to think of ways to add in a new experience without alienating groups of people. What you do instead of having a very in-depth religious system is you remove the Gods from the actual story and game play and just explain them with your character history and allow that to let you include the really cool classes religion provides.

Look at Paladins in Diablo or WoW, do you get a lot of story on the God they follow and the impression that it's all drab and church-going? No you get the fun part that they are knights with kick ass spells that can devastate enemies. Clerics with the ability to be a very effective melee unit as well as a healer and minor offensive caster are often one of the most powerful RPG classes. Shamans provide a really cool take on the religion base and allow for another side of the coin from your traditional deity-based religion as well as keep the game without firm religious ties. Monks the original martial artists can be tons of fun without the religious connotations.

I think going onward with DoF as a franchise we may be able to include other classic fantasy elements as well from both fiction and RPGs such as Bards, Alchemists, Necromancers, Templars, Assassins and so on to really add to the rich fantasy world we are creating.