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Originally Posted by Joseph Visscher View Post
(No Sarcasm or negative emotion) Have any of you even have a slightest idea of Inverse Trigonometric Functions just to name just a few of the instrumental coding and mathematics needed to even start implementing into pathfinding alone; Do not underestimate time, for time is older than us all.

Anyways, odds are we most likely will have turning times for bigger units and Calvary, and we might have Animation Blending which seamlessly blends from 1 animation to the next. This all depends what system resources these take and what we are willing to Sacrifice when it comes to army size, population, map size, and general performance>gameplay.

I have a question for fyro11:
How many units on screen have you seen fight at once in Battle for Middle Earth?
My guess would be around 200 or less without major lag...
Also, I meant not time consuming as the animation animating itself. The coding will of course take time.
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