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Old 05-03-2009, 09:25 AM
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Default Start and Stop Motions

I've played many RTS games, and the one this was most evident in was BFME and I was very impressed by it. It takes realism to a whole new level, and surprisingly, many RTS' just don't implement it, or not as obviously. What I mean by start and stop motions is those of the units; when they begin to, say march, then they won't just go from standing motion to walking, but rather, they will transition from one phase to another, making it seamless and more realistic. Now let's look at stopping with the example of horsemen. When horsemen are commanded to move from one location to another, in, say AOE3, they will come to the location and just abruptly stop. In BFME however, the horsemen will skid to a halt a few metre (or milimetre from our view) from the location stopping right where they were commanded.

So, my question is, will this be implemented, and if so, to what degree? Are there any videos that demonstrate this?

Sorry if this question has been answered elsewhere.

Thanks in advance.