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Old 04-26-2009, 10:50 AM
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Default Religion? and Specialization ?

I did a quick search and found nothing so here it go

will this game contain religion , as in different religion give unique religious units bonus and so forth, Im thinking giving each faction a variety of religion so not every orc / elve / human player end up being the same , and while we at it , can we expect player to specialize in certain units as in having one kind of class with better stats or such , as in as a Human I focus on my knights hence i get access to a more elite version of knights , or I focus on archers and get access to better archers as in , more accurate at the lose of speed or vise versa and so on ^^ allot of posibilities come to mind , if not do the mods capabilities of the game permit us to do something like I mentioned

one last thing since this gonna be online but also modable I take online mode will stay as vanilla DOF, whoever I know allot of great mobs will be released , can we expect Dof Staff to add the best of the mobs into the online playing while they tweak them for balance and anything else they need to do with it ^^
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