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Old 08-21-2007, 01:28 PM
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Alright, finally some info on the spell system. Sounds like fun. I do see why the "Is it too complex" question was asked as i've never seen spell counters and all these different effects from them. What i'd be worried about is not being to remember what all my spells do and i'd randomly be clicking about until i find the one i want because there are so many effects. Based on this however i'd guess that you achieve higher levels, and consequently spells, through some sort of reasearch. Whether that research will cost resources, or there will be a building in which you assign spellcaster units to research and will take time, or another system, is not determinable at this point however...unless, of course, the devs. care to put an answer to that. However it could also be individual units leveling up to different levels, and each spellcaster is assigend to a certain school of magic when you create them. I do, however, see that the counter spells will play hugely into gameplay. In most games you can't do anything about it, you lose your army, you cast a spell, the enemy loses theirs and everyone rebuilds. Hopefully this will turn spells into as much of an offensive tool as a defensive one.

I'm also interested to know how far the fire wall can stretch. Also how mana is generated. Plenty of options as to the later so i'm not even going to bother listing off all the possiblities. Though, it would be cool if it was like in Black and White where you've got villagers dancing around an altar and that generates it. I don't understand why hell spikes counter water spells though :S