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Default DoF Magic system.

Magic system in Dawn of Fantasy. We kept this under wrap for all these years. Now it`s finaly time to shed some light on this. And to be honest - we can use really your feedback.

Before we get into specifics, I am curious to see what you guys can figure out about our system from description of three spells from the Fire school. Here they are. And one question to start it up from my side - do you guys think this is waaay too complex?

Lvl 1. Flare
This spell creates a large bright light which slowly lifts 10 tiles up during 20 seconds, and then explodes in a firework fashion.
Primary Effect: Lights up a huge area at night. Useless day-time. (Ranged units +50% accuracy at night). Reveals area of 40 tiles.
Secondary Effect: Will produce 30+X fire damage in 1 tile where it`s created damaging single units in that tile cast with-in 10 tile radius of Flare`s location.
Counter: Any area-of-effect wind spells.
Side Effect: Both light and dark effects all units. Night time Illumination and map reveal works for everyone as well.
Light: Gives 20%+X morale boost to all (including enemy) units in the area. (Firework-like final explosion)
Dark: Blinds all (including enemy) units in 10+X tile radius for 5+X seconds at night.(Big splash when created)
Strategy: The main purpose is to illuminate a huge area to help archers and better see whats happening, really beneficial for archers. This spell has large variety of side effects though. This basic spell could be useful for blinding enemy army(dark), giving morale boost to your army just before attacking enemy(light) or could be used for doing great damage to a single target. However this is a tricky spell which can come back and bite you.

Lvl 3. Fire Wall
This spell creates a round wall of flame with 5+X tile radius, which is possible to go through but doing so will result in huge 240+X fire damage. Spell remains until canceled or until spellcaster runs out of mana. Spellcaster can`t move or fight while casting this spell.
Primary Effect: This spell can be used defensively as a barrier around your army or city.
Secondary Effect: Can be used offensively to imprison enemy force inside.
Side Effects: Damages friendly units as well. Barrier blocks 30% of incoming missiles (both ways) but these missiles which do go through become flaming missile objects.
Counter: countering area-of-effect spells from water school.
Light: Warmth inside slowly regenerates-heals units at 3+X HP/sec
Dark: Heat insides slowly burns-damages units at 3+X HP/sec
Strategy: Setting up this barrier around a town under siege or to protect your small force from the enemy army, or a perfect way to cut-off enemy army and finish them off with a spell of missiles. Must be careful as flaming arrow side-effect will make this spell extremely positive for ranged units, as normal flaming arrows take 3X reload time to fire.
Notes: No other spell can be cast by Mor during Fire Wall.

Lvl 3. Hell Spikes
Counter Spell. Fire comes out from the earth in small fountains, like spikes. Two spikes at a time. Each spike lasts 2 seconds and burns for 170+X damage in 1 tile. 10+X of these fire-spikes comes out in random places within 5+X tiles radius circle.
Primary Effect: Great mass offensive spell. Only effects units (not buildings)
Secondary Effect: Dispels Water and Earth area-of-effect spells (does not effect unit bound spells)
Side Effects: Damages friendly units as well
Counter: None. This is a counter spell itself.
Light: None
Dark: None
Strategy: Works best if the enemy cant escape – within stronghold walls or after Fire, spell (will dispel Air or Water wall) Also sometimes it make sense to turn this spell against yourself. To dispel Air and Earth area spells, this will deal significant damage to player`s units, but sometimes it`s the worst of two evils.
Notes: Hell Spikes is used to brake area-spells for Air and Earth element.

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