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Old 04-17-2009, 04:57 PM
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Originally Posted by iceblast View Post
anyone have any tips how to survive the credit crunches
My tip would be to try and get a job at a company that is recession proof. Certain types of businesses that what they provide people can't go without, this would mean government, power, fuel, health and some others I probably just can't put to mind right now.

If you're going back to school don't fall for a lot of those small colleges that promote jobs in "popular" areas. These are the schools where you pay $10K for a 1-2 year course and at the end of it there are 35 of you looking for a job in a sector where there are only 20 jobs.

The other option is taking a job in a different country. Some countries are more economically stable right now and are starving for good intelligent workers. Just make sure you get into a situation where you are guaranteed employment for x period of time, most companies will gladly give a 6 mths to a year guarantee if you're loyal enough to move for them. You don't want to make the commitment to move and then you're out of a job in 3 months.

Or if you are like us here at Reverie and you want to design games... Videogame companies tend to do better in recessions because people are staying home more, and videogames as far as entertainment vs. money spent are generally in a good position. You spend $59 for a game that can give you 30+ hours of entertainment, versus $25 for a movie that will give you 2 hours? So if you have the skills to do what we do, then that's a good way to go. Though it can be hit or miss, you always have to remember entertainment is usually a gamble because taste is very relative.