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Old 08-21-2007, 04:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Darvin View Post
I think that taking another race's mounts should be about opportunism are versitility, not about "tweaking" for the best unit. A knight should be best when mounted on a horse, because it's his native mount type. He might receive some unique bonus on a wolf that would make him play differently, and make it worthwhile to try something new, but it would come at a tradeoff. For the best overall balance, I think that the default racial mount should be the one to go with. It will keep strategies open, but won't lead to "oh, my team doesn't have an orc so our cavalry is going to be at a disadvantage" situations.
Well, if you're not going to give each race advantages and disadvantages, by giving them better types of cavalry and such, what is the point in making several races? And yes, you might come at a disadvantage if your team doesn't have orcs, but isn't that kinda the point of games? Overcome your disadvantages and destroy your foes, even if you're in a tight spot?