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Old 05-28-2007, 02:08 PM
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ok this is a new and improved masterthread with new ideas then before please READ AND COMMENT also i repeated somebody alot of other peoples ideas so new members could have some knowlegde of DoF.

(*-can do better **-not bad ***-good ****-great *****-THE BOMB)

*dual screen-some body else thought of this and the idea kinda got rejcted. for efforts one star.

****Battlalion size-this idea brought up by a member of the forums was was thought to be 5 to 8 men in a battlalion.

****Hero- this has to be one of the most debated suggestion on the forums because many thoght that heros are overpowerded and cannot be in the game but others thought that heros are just plain sweet.
note:there is acuitily a heros for each faction theres are about 2 spellcasters who can devastate the battle feild

i gotta go to bed so yeah finish it tommorow PLEASE READ AND COMMENT thanks you

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