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Old 04-02-2009, 09:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Grizzlez View Post
Heavy rain doesn't make the game lag does it? In BFME if you tried to have some decent weather effects it made the game lag loads. Also I like the screenshot and how weather actually has specific effects on units and not ones like all the men for instance are 50% weaker during rain, where as orcs are 50% weaker in daylight.
We are still working on it, when the game is done, it shouldn't be noticeable, if we have to, I think we'll lower the quality of some graphics during weather to compensate the weather effect. We are not EA, we will try our best to make the best, and bfme2 was in production for,,, 6 months?

Originally Posted by Phylast View Post
Who can I give a pat on the back for creating the weather features? Even in .jpeg form it is beautiful, can't wait to see it in motion.
Originally Posted by Andy Joslin View Post
Andrej Kulgan coded the automatic weather system, and Joseph Visscher made the lighting settings for each time of day, type of weather, etc (harder than it sounds; basically making the game look realistic). Andrej Kulgan also made the FX for rain and snow.
I got the ball rolling, made the first muti cycle with lightning effects, but the coding was a complete mess, as I was simply trying to create a fun new feature,,, thats where we got Andrej to come in and make it shine in the sun with bran new coding.
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