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Old 04-01-2009, 05:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Konstantin Fomenko View Post
[b]Now some unconfirmed stuff which we hope to include:
-We hope to include a sort of alliance market - where mercenaries and contractors would put their bids.

-We are hoping to implement Regional guilds of mercenaries, for example 30 mercenary players create a guild, and homecity owners in Rollingplain region would recruit their services - this way they only need to make 1 deal, instead of 30.

-Have a Ebay sort of honour system for each player, so if player breaks his alliance alot, and often doesn`t fight PvP when chalaenged, he`ll be John Doe the Unreliable Coward, or other way around John Joe the Trustworthy Warmonger

Nice, hopefully you do implement this, however a well produced finished game is better than one with cool ideas and features but unfinished and requires many patches to fix
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