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Old 04-01-2009, 03:06 PM
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In another thread the use of mercenaries was discussed, and as i already posted there; why not take it a step further and offer yourself and your army (maybe a small, limited army) as mercenary and let people hire you to help take down a fortress?

This is exactly our goal with alliance between players.

To be more specific alliance system works not between player but entities, lets look at alliance between player 1s army (mercenary), and Player 2s city (contractor).

For example, Player 1 makes alliance for his Army # 2, to defend player 2s Homecity in Rollingplain region.

Under this alliance, if player 2s homecity is attacked, if Player 1 is online, and his army is not already engaged and he/she chooses to honour the alliance, his/her army would arrive in the middle of the siege to relieve Player 2.

Also, for this allance to hold true following terms will apply:
-player 1s army will not be able to leave Rollingplain
-Player 1s army can not be garrisoned in his homecity or for a period of 30 minutes have fewer than 400 units.

When this alliance is created, player 2 will pay Player 1 a certain sum of money, as a regular tribute or a one time payment, or offer his army in assistance.

This alliance would have a duration in real-time days - lets say 5 days. Breaking alliance obligations comes with a penalty.

We want to encourage alliances as much as possible - and player`s homecity should have good dozen of allied armies in the region from various players - to make sure that once the battle starts someone would be there to bail you out.

Now some unconfirmed stuff which we hope to include:
-We hope to include a sort of alliance market - where mercenaries and contractors would put their bids.

-We are hoping to implement Regional guilds of mercenaries, for example 30 mercenary players create a guild, and homecity owners in Rollingplain region would recruit their services - this way they only need to make 1 deal, instead of 30.

-Have a Ebay sort of honour system for each player, so if player breaks his alliance alot, and often doesn`t fight PvP when chalaenged, he`ll be John Doe the Unreliable Coward, or other way around John Joe the Trustworthy Warmonger
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