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Originally Posted by Konstantin Fomenko View Post
Couple of facts to consider about our Orcs race. This should hint at their society.

Orcs don`t have a "peasant unit", most of their units can gather resources - warriors can chop trees or build forward bases. And their archers are best hunters in-game.

More ever, Orcs don`t mind human or elven flesh, and a huge Dragon is even a better dinner.

Orcs are also great as "recycling" enemy structures they destroy.

And lets not forget that DoF "recylcing economy" also allows collecting gold/wood from corpses/destroyed siege weapons.

This way a huge Orcish army can pretty much sustain itself. To some extent you can view Orcish army on a move, as a resource gathering operation.

And yes - Orcs race is the first choice for aggressive player.
What about the other races?