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Old 03-24-2009, 02:28 PM
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Thanks, will fix (I know what causes it).
I know it's unprofessional but why do you think it's in "Open beta"?
Currently im scanning my comp for malware and such. Its acting weird from time to time after yesterday, though it works and I only attempted to do a repair through the cd but I think it didn't change anything.
Anyway, I can use the comp but I won't bother it too much now - besides I don't want it to crash in the middle of uploading a css file or such which can just kill the site if its not fully uploaded, and I don't want to run too many instances while its scanning etc.
It took it about 5 minutes to get past the windows loading screen, which is what bothers me. Other than that everything seems to work fine, except for firefox, its a little glitchy here and there.
Because of this I wont work on the site right now. Depending on when the scan will end and when I'll decide to give it a shot, but I might not do anything until tomorrow.
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