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Originally Posted by Andy Joslin View Post
This isn't terrain per se, but units. You could script these units in your scenario.
Like modding the game? Or in the normal game instances?

In the stronghold games you could tag along ammo carts for extra ammo for siege engines. This idea may be extended to a mobile ammo/ healing bay.

Friendly Fire:
Friendly fire along with accuracy variability will help deter abuse of ranged units. Of course, depending on how often weather effects the accuracy the units may drown out on the priority list to create.

Catapult loading:
Will orcs be able to load some of their own units into a catapult? For instance a group of small goblins, or even normal orcs to hurl over walls every so often.

Horse capturing:
Will an opposing faction be able to capture and utilize horses left on the battlefield? As in will units from separate factions be able to use horses like a neutral unit until forfeited?

Terrain burning:
Could units pre-battle oil a small piece of a field and then have fire archers (or a fire wielding unit) strike the oiled field causing the field to alight? Like in Braveheart.

Is there going to be a general wind direction? This may be entirely out of the scope of the game, but it would be interesting to add a little player skill to ranged attacks if there is going to be a set wind direction universally effecting projectiles. Also it would be a nice effect to see tree movement sway in waves as wind passed in a continual direction through them. It seems though that there's going to be a windy sound with general animations putting a overall negative attribute on projectiles. This could also speed-up and slow flying unit progression with and against the wind. Could make it simple and make the angles in which are positive and negative a mere 180 degree arc.
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