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Old 03-24-2009, 08:44 AM
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I missed if there was anything written, but will units have the possibility to cause collateral damage? IE: siege weapons, archers, breath weapons, magic?
Catapults have friendly fire. Their questionable accuracy along with their boulders which explode upon hit can leave you with more dead troops than the enemy if you aren't careful.

Archer friendly fire is questionable; it is a matter of testing whether it is best or not. It's easy to implement, we just flick a switch on or off.

I didn't find any information if there was going to be any prolonged fatigue after defending an attack. For instance if the walls don't encompass found producing foundries, will the stronghold dwindle in luster after two hours of game play siege (approximately one in-game-week) and no break? Could be an interesting options to make a push for caravans to come in every 30 minutes or so.

This also lends to the idea of scorched earth. I'm not sure how the resource gathering is going to progress in game, but there should be a way to slow to the progression.
A battle will not last two hours unless someone makes a scenario where each player has infinite spawns.

We are toying with the idea of clicking a button on siege units to 'buy' them ammo for X stone (similar to in the Stronghold games). Will probably not be decided until beta.

I read that you guys are attempting to keep the overall terrain bland for numerous reasons, but is it possible to take advantage of specific terrains? What comes to mind first and foremost is the boulder up the hill trick. Or building temporary obstacles at the edge of river terrain. More advanced terrain utilization would be destroying a dam causing a flood, digging trenches, flooding trenches, creating a brush or tree perimeter, causing a brush fire, etc.
This isn't terrain per se, but units. You could script these units in your scenario.

I read about some of the weather conditions that are going to be implemented up to snow and how the weather will effect unit performance. I was wondering ...
A) Weather will effect much more than speed. It will slightly change the way you play for a short period of time (not enough that it would severely hamper someone who didn't know what he was doing, though).

B) Perhaps.

C) See B.

D) See C.
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