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Old 03-24-2009, 02:48 AM
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Default lots of questions

I read about some of the weather conditions that are going to be implemented up to snow and how the weather will effect unit performance. I was wondering

A) Will the whether effect unit speed?

B) Will some units/ factions be more or less effected by certain whether? For instance dragons are huge creatures that have half the penalty from snow.

C) Will there be times of extreme weather conditions? For instance a few minutes of high wind gusting from a near by hurricane.

D) If there are extreme weather conditions would a dust bowl effect be possible (in appropriate areas) that would create a passable wall of dust that blankets the battleground (much like snow, but effects units more drastically/ negatively)

Transportation Units:
This might not be necessary based on the size of each instance or plausible since speed is always taken into consideration as a crucial statistic, but I was wondering if there were going to be dedicated transportation units? I read that units may take 2-3 minutes to reach the other keep, well what if an expensive unit would transport small to medium size units quicker. Or even large size units. There could be a limit on the distance in which troops could be transported from a designated spot, and have a limited amount of transporters available.
Could make the transportation idea solely a dragon ability (dropping in beserkers along side fire attacks.

Siege Fatigue:
I didn't find any information if there was going to be any prolonged fatigue after defending an attack. For instance if the walls don't encompass found producing foundries, will the stronghold dwindle in luster after two hours of game play siege (approximately one in-game-week) and no break? Could be an interesting options to make a push for caravans to come in every 30 minutes or so.

This also lends to the idea of scorched earth. I'm not sure how the resource gathering is going to progress in game, but there should be a way to slow to the progression.

Terrain Interaction:
I read that you guys are attempting to keep the overall terrain bland for numerous reasons, but is it possible to take advantage of specific terrains? What comes to mind first and foremost is the boulder up the hill trick. Or building temporary obstacles at the edge of river terrain. More advanced terrain utilization would be destroying a dam causing a flood, digging trenches, flooding trenches, creating a brush or tree perimeter, causing a brush fire, etc.

Splash Damage:
I missed if there was anything written, but will units have the possibility to cause collateral damage? IE: siege weapons, archers, breath weapons, magic?
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