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Default any idea? non MMORPG

Originally Posted by Jean=A=Luc View Post
Starcraft had a co-op mod like that, I don't know how exactly is it handled but it's not really a new feature.
If someone can describe this more concisely, please do so.

---Starcraft had a mode where multiple members would control one color "team player" (lack of a better description) from separate computers. This "team player" would be exactly like any other starting color player, but would be controlled completely by each team member simultaneously. So, the "team player" would play-out the same as an ordinary single member controlled team, but with extra eyes watching along with the possibility of each member controlling everything (units, buildings, powers, etc.)
---This type of play is a lot of fun to play, but has a high propensity to hinder strategy progress of a team. For Starcraft in particular, this type of gameplay was great on high resource maps (Big Game Hunters or the "FASTEST" series). Here the starting team could expand and allow each member of the team entirely control a base expansion. Since every member may control every aspect of the team, they share the same resource pool once again creating a challenge to the team. One of the greatest aspects of this type of game play was in battles where unit controls were maximized allowing an unparalleled micromanagement.
---For an example to help illustrate imagine a 1v1 game where three people were controlling each side of the battle simultaneously. Obviously extremely difficult on it's own, but voice communication alleviates a lot of the problem. On the other side of token imagine the battle scheme of unit behavior and optimization.
---So, would something like this be possible in Dawn of Fantasy in the non-MMORTS side of the game?

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