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Old 03-23-2009, 08:06 AM
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Default A few questions


First of all congrats to the devs for their efforts in making the first true MMORTS! The game looks awsome, i cant wait for it to come out! But before i get even more hyped up about it id like to ask a few question:

How complex will the strategy be? Is it just city building/resource gathering/fighting? The game looks a bit similar to Settlers 6... the whole city development bit. Or will it be a complex RTS... where u gotta manage you're economy... diplomacy.. military... similar to Civ4? The later would be the best I think, a MMORTS that's is also complex and not a casual game would create a really devout community.

Will there be clan support? Most free mmos have little or no clan support, and that is why they fail to get a big community. If there will, will it be like a WoW system system? You get a few people, you pay some money, establish a guild.. build a guild city..etc.

Will there be AI villages to conquer? Can u expand you're empires land? or will it be just you're city? I know for that you'd need an enormous land... but it is possible to do it... or just have a lot of servers.

When will we have a demo?

Best of luck to the devs!

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