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Old 03-19-2009, 12:51 AM
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I was just thinking - in a lot of MMORTS games, online activity resricts coordinated movement of armies by allied players. How about make an option of letting trusted players have (limited to an adjusted extemt) control over your armies? For example, you are to be one of the armies attacking so-and-so player's base. You hand over control to whoever is in charge of the attack, so all armies attack at once. It would also be great if "guild-camps" were implemented (more than one army camping in the same spot). These ideas would stimulate different players in the guild having different priority jobs. For example, Guildmaster sets some players to concentrate on building armies and sending them to designated rally points for the players who have been tasked to commanding armies. *dreams of an entire guild's coordinated army owning a bunch of smaller, disorganised armies*
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