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Old 05-23-2007, 01:39 AM
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There are really two models of society in this context, agrarian and hunter-gatherer. In agrarian societies, people tend to have more specialized roles. Farmers and labourers have no combat training and are quite defenceless in that situation, whereas soldiers are often professionals (or caste members, such as knights) who exist for that sole purpose. In a hunter-gatherer society, every person has a rudimentry knowledge of all aspects of life. In peace time, everyone works to gather food and support the society. In war time, practically every male can be counted on to fight, and do so well.

The question is, are orcs agrarian or hunter-gatherer? If they're agrarian, then labourers would certainly panic, as they have no combat skills. If they're hunter-gatherer, then the labourers would take up arms to defend themselves. I don't think Tolkien style orcs could possibly appease the hunter-gatherer model, since such a society could not afford to sustain heavy casualties. Battles of attrician seem to be an underlying motif in orc strategies (which DoF will probably adhere to), hence I believe they MUST be an agrarian society. Therefor, there should be panicking orcs in their settlements.

Of course, I could be looking a bit too deeply into the matter ^_^