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Old 03-16-2009, 07:25 PM
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It will not be released on steam.
Make sure your information is correct before you post it and start a horrendous rumor.

Originally Posted by Lordadamar View Post
Post was not meant to be big deal... was just curious, it seems more often these days betas are hitting File download sites instead of Dev sites. And some file download sites suck hard.

And When EQ2 sold Digital downloads for there latest expansion it was quicker and easier to pull it down from then there own Launcher...

Any idea of size of Download yet?
It will most likely be hosted on our server, but this is not confirmed. We don't have the extra money to throw around to pay another place to host it, after all.

You will see when it happens. Over-speculation can lead to over-assumption and make false preconceptions.