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Old 03-12-2009, 02:40 PM
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Yes! Great! I can't wait to get started. But god damn homework needs to be done first.
Wohoo, I'm so excited! I have so many ideas and I can see the whole site in my eyes already.
And I'm even more excited that I'll get some exclusive screenshots as well. I more than anything hope that I will receive support from you developers as well. I will have a gallery, downloads, guides, faqs, forums, all kinds of stuff. I'll put every single little detail out on this game together.
I should hopefully be done within 2 weeks. As I said I have 5 sites to work on at the moment but this is my 2nd priority site. First I have to finish up and polish another one, which shouldn't take me more than a couple of days of hard work, maybe three.
Thanks again!

Edit: Here, you can take a look at the system that I'm going to be using. This is one of my sites (which actually is one of the sites that I need to redesign because I have to convert it to another game). Though the Dof site will look different of course, it will have the same features. I'll try to make the DoF site to seem really big and wide with lots of content fitting into one scroll of your browser, like one of those oblivion sites, I can't find that one now though, or maybe they redesigned it.
Anyway, I'll be posting all my progress here. Soon I'll be revealing some logos and artwork I'll be making for the site. I will also reveal the official name of the site tonight once I purchase the domain. It's quite simple, but reasonable.
Cheers mates

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