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Old 03-11-2009, 02:53 PM
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Puppeteer is just really nicePuppeteer is just really nicePuppeteer is just really nice

Welcome, by the way. All the update topics can be found in 'General Discussions', but here are the update topics from the start of this year:
Elven Gameplay
Unofficial Trailer
Water Features
Region Overviews
World Designs

I didnt realize you had to buy cards for real money I thought they were in-game money... Honestly, that kinda sucks.
This may be true, but it doesn't appear to be a necessity. I have a nice (to the extent that it can be) Nature deck already, and if this trend continues to the game itself then I see no need for pouring in more money. Some people argue that, because you don't pay monthly and only for cards, you're saving money. As if paying monthly should be the expected norm -_-