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Old 03-04-2009, 11:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Ovocean View Post
This is a thread to make propositions on user-friendly features, to highlight things that we liked or missed in other games.

My top recommandations :

- Customizable shortcuts. (Camera controls included)
- Fast main menu navigation.
- As much options as possible such as camera scrolling speed, hiding parts of the interface, camera locked or free, size of the minimap...

I'm quite an extremist but I'm tending to be turned off fast when a game fails at giving me a feel of comfort and freedom in choosing my prefered way of playing and using the interface.
Last one in date was DoWII, with it's absence of customizable keyboard shortcuts, impossibility to save in mid-mission, minimalist player manual and tutorial, long loading times, and GFWL on top... I'll have a hard time finding motivation to start the campaign.
This to me would be absoloutely wasted, I rarely ever use keyboard shortcuts as I have a terrible memory and I tend to hit them accidentally at inopportune times...

However it would be a nice feature for others who would appreciate its value
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