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Old 02-20-2009, 10:08 AM
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Will you be able to see other players on the map?

I`m not at liberty to give you a full overview of the World Map gameplay...but to directly answer your question:

Not all the time - and what you`ll see on the World map is gonna be 1/100th of all user activity.

Our world map is somewhat similar to MMORPG games like WoW...but with gameplay similar Civ or Total War games, or better yet - think back to Knight of Honor.

Try to imagine such world map filled with thousands of cities and player armies all moving in real-time - that`s just not manageable.

We will finalize how much player will see on the world map during close beta testing. We will show armies and cities allied to the player - and perhaps units and cities which player can immediately fight against - that would already be enough to fill the world map. Also stuff like your player armies or cities under attack might be shown as well.

Our approach was to minimize micro-management with interacting with hundreds of players online in one region at once AND to allow for fair Player vs Player experience.

For example, your army of Level 5 is in Wold Region. There are 500 total player armies and 200 cities in the Wold Region. Out of these 300 armies and 70 cities are close to your armies level and can be engaged. I won`t get into specific details - but our approach would get your player vs player going in these conditions with-in a few seconds with your nearby allied armies/other player`s nearby allied armies joining into this battle.
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