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Old 02-19-2009, 07:20 AM
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I'll reveal a little bit about MMORTS army creation.

In MMORTS, moving your army around the world map is not similar to anything else. While you are viewing your homecity, click the world map button and the map pops up. You can click your city on the map, and then create an army with any or all of the troops (up to a limit, the limit gets higher as your army levels up) in your city. You can even bring peasants and horse carts. Each army you create requires a general (a hero). You start with one hero and get more through quests (this is subject to change).

Once your army is created with whatever resources (hmm, I wonder what army resources are for? =]) and units you want, you may left-click it on the map and right-click tomove it anywhere on the world map. The army in your homecity's actual RTS world will then walk out, and start to move slowly on the world map. When it is at a quest marker, you may click 'enter quest'. When you are over a region you want to enter, just click 'Pitch camp' and then 'view' to view your army in RTS mode at that region.

There are many more things to do with your army too, which will not be revealed.

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