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--- Added June 12, 2008
Q.Will Multi-core computer systems be supported, Duel Core and Quad Core processors?
A.Yes, using a Duel Core or Quad Core processor is highly recommended, it will reduce any lag you encounter, just like any other game.

--- Added June 23, 2008
Q. Will there be any customization options as far as units go such as heroes and their abilities, statistics, etc?
A. Yes. Adding an ability for a unit is relatively easily done with the editor, as well as modifying almost any statistic of the unit.

--- Added June 25, 2008
Q. Will the AI be a possible opponent skirmish mode?
A. Yes, AI will be playable against in skirmish modes.

Q. Is skirmish mode playable over LAN?
A. Yes, online skirmish mode is playable over LAN.

Q. Will it be possible to make custom skirmish maps with more than 8 players?
A. No, eight players maximum.

Q. Can you ally in skirmish or MMO mode?
A. Yes, any sort of alliance is possible. It is a bit more complicated in MMO mode, but the short answer is yes.

Q. Is the single player mode allowed to be played cooperatively?
A. No, single-player is only for one person at a time.

Q. How are battles accepted in MMORTS mode?
A. First a message will appear, saying that someone wishes to fight you. You may either pay tribute or start a battle.

Q.Is there a limit for a unit's experience?
A. Yes, as of now, this limit is capped at level ten. However, this is still subject to change.

Q. Is there any reward for being ranked #1 in MMORTS mode besides bragging rights?
A. Bragging rights about being number 1 sound pretty good!

Q. Can I play the game on PC and Xbox 360 with one account?
A. Unfortunately, this decision is not up to us and will be decided at a later point.

Q. What happens if someone leaves an MMORTS game in the middle of a battle?
A. They lose the battle, and must pay reparations to the winner.

Q. In the MMORTS mode, will players be restricted to only one territory or will they be allowed to own a conquered territory and have one additional castle on the world map?
A. Every player may have up to 4 cities of various races. At higher levels additional cities can be conquered.

Q. In MMORTS when two players fight, does the attacking player bring his Stronghold? Or does he set up some sort of camp?
A. Setting up a camp will be more common, but we will also allow stronghold vs stronghold fights.

Q. In the MMORTS, will you be able to choose not to get attacked by another human player?.
A. There is a way to stop other players from attacking you, but it drains your resources. If another player chooses to attack you, you can simply pay a tribute and the fighting will not start. Also, when you first set up your MMORTS city, you will not be able to be attacked for a little while.

--- Added February 18, 2009
Q. Will the dragons be a playable race?
A. Unfortunately, no, dragons will not be a playable race in the original Dawn of Fantasy release, but they may be included in upcoming expansions.

Q.Will there be any animals, birds, fish etc. in the environments?
A.For wild animals, birds are in the game, as well as deer. As for domesticated animals, there are cows, sheep, and chickens. More animals will most likely be added at a later time, but right now they are not the focus of attention.

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