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The four primary resources are food, wood, gold, and stone. These are used in mass, and there is no new 'lump' name for renaming say 1000 wood to 1 lumberstack. Resources are used for everything and gotten many ways. For example, when you create an army at your homecity you are able to transfer any resource from your city to your army (though an army can only carry so much). Your army slowly loses resources while moving, and while camped, if you have peasants in your army, you are able to slowly gather resources.

You can also gather resources at your homecity, or gain it through quests or conquest. Quests and fighting are the quickest way to gain resources.

There is also influence, or fame, or wealth (not finally named). You gain this through completing quests, winning battles, and generally doing productive things in the MMORTS world. It is used to research technologies, hire advanced troops, learn new spells for your wizards, expand your homecity, etc.

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