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Originally Posted by MrBlack103 View Post
Will there be MMO missions that involve battles in or around Non-player cities? It could be cool to have a mission to support the capital of the human empire or something.
Attacking and defending non-player cities.

Originally Posted by Konstantin Fomenko View Post
This is one of the mid-game human quests.
You travel to a capital city of Dagbor, go into the keep, to talk to the King and his advisors, get another hero there to join you. Next you travel to the Orcish region, fight with some Orcs there who ambush, run-away and force you to chase them. After you get information from captured Orc captain, you set-up a camp on the world map, recruit mercenaries - with some funds you just acquired. Next you travel to the Orcish capital city of Makkada, set the forest near the city on fire, break into the city while Orcs try to put out the fire, rush to free imprisoned wizard, after you free him - u fight your way out of the city with Orcs chasing you. You escape and travel back to Dagbor, after that a shipment of stuff will arrive to you Homecity several minutes later - your reward.

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