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Time to step in and clear things up.
You`ll only be fighting opponents with assets equal to yours + all other allies involved. So EVERY time someone attacks you or you attack someone -it`ll be a fair battle (I can`t get into details on how all of this works out, but we guarantee that you`ll be able to start Player vs Player fast, and it`ll always be a fair match)
With above said - if you are getting attacked, your odds of winning are from 60-40 to 40-60.

But if you have to leave to work soon or your wife is calling you to take out the recycling or you just don`t want to playe PvP right now – maybe you were about to start on a quest - in that case you`ll just pay off your attacker a large sum of money - depending on quite a few factors, and you`ll gain attack immunity from this and other players for quite a while.
In case the battle has already started, and you have to go in the middle of it, depending on how bad things are looking for you, you can also pay your way out - but it`ll cost you more.

Also, the way this is balanced is that once you are badly loosing it`ll be cheaper for you to stay and let other payer enjoy his victory and burning your town.
However, losing a battle is not as bad as it sounds – sure you units are dead, and you have to repair you town if that was your town under attack, or your army was returning home with tons of loot which is now lost – BUT - you`ll be rewarded with increased influence for displaying honour and fighting till the better end. Influence resource plays the key role in our MMORTS – and the only 3 ways to gain in the order of efficiency 1) buy it for real currency, 2) loose pvp battle 3) honour your alliances 4) win pvp battle.

Bottom line – Dawn of Fantasy MMORTS is a brutal place, you`ll have to fight with other players a lot, You`ll need to constantly watch your back – conclude numerous alliances with players around your city to come to your aid if your attacked, visit enemy realms with allied armies to back you up, keep a good amount of gold to pay off if someone attacks you – but that`s just how life is in Mythador in the middle of a realm wide won` be waiting for a wild boar to spawn every 2 minutes so you could kill it and gain +5 XP, you`ll be leading your thousand strong army to a bloody siege – that`s the core of DoF MMORTS gameplay and the kind of grinding which awaits you.

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