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Old 02-10-2009, 06:22 AM
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We don't really know all of the units that each race will have so who's to say humans won't have any light mobile troops. In the end why would the humans even need such a unit to counter ambushes? What is this special ambush mechanic DoF is supposed to have (that can't be countered by other units)?

Many of you seem to draw parallels between games and real life.

In game terms if DoF has "realistic" line of sight I guess you could hide your units behind a mountain/tall hill(?) so to speak or maybe put them in some woods especially at night but the "ambushing potential" of that is questionable at best imo. Even if some kind of ambush is possible it'll be like a normal battle where you'll be using your units to counter his with the difference being that you'll be at a disadvantage due to the surprise factor (poor unit positions etc.).

If you're asking how are humans going to counter "ambushing troops" like archers, horse archers(?) etc. the answer is the same as in any other situation, with archers of their own, cavalry, spells (?) etc. I expect they'll have some kind of light cavalry suitable for chasing down skirmishing/"kiting" units.

I doubt we'll have "realistic" ambushes where a column of knights/swordsmen is marching through a forest and then, suddenly, arrows start whizzing all over and a bunch of soldiers emerge from the bushes without warning.
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