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Old 02-07-2009, 11:52 AM
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Default Stamina

For all of you that like stamina take time to play Medieval Total War II, I have been in Mutliplayer battles with No time with 4000 troops on the map Battles I should I have won hands down and loose because of Stamina..

Picture you have 600 archers beating down there lines you cant rush them with your infantry cause they have a 1000 Mouted units which will run you down and beat you like a red headed step child, and you archers suddenly get tired and shoting slows to nothing, your a sitting duck.. cause who the hell carries enough pikemen to stop that many mounted units.

I guess theres goods and bads to stamina but if theres no battle time limit who knows who will win...

Which brings up the question" Will there be Battle time limits? "
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