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Old 02-07-2009, 10:50 AM
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Default Online part of the game

how is the online part of the game going to work. is it going to be instance multiplayer where you start from scratch everytime and destroy the opponents and win... then start all over again or is there going to be one in wich there is a continuous game where you can decide to defeat player or just rule your castle, or is both methods going to be implemented also in multiplayer do we have to only fight real players or is there like npc quests that happen from time to time? also how much impact are our actions going to have in the game world? in know its probably huge but is it going to be like all the other boring mmo where u kill x things rinse and repeat or is it going to be like darkfall where if one person kills a monster no one else can ever do it? wow long post but i am intrested in the mmorts part of the game more than the single player and i want to know if its going to be worth to build a stronghold in mmorts if its just gonna dissapear.