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Old 02-04-2009, 06:32 PM
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Sorry if something close to this was previously posted. I did read banners topic but I felt this was different:

Banners usually adorn the heraldty YES! but nothing was ever mentioned on how your army would look distinctly different from your opponate. Personally I thought 1000's of troops in similar apparel would be a pain in large battles one to see wher i needed to reinforce places etc. And YES! if they use the red/green/blue indicators on a mini that would help slightly.

But this is an MMO right! There are only so many basic colors in the rainbow that are distinctive. 50 shades of blue, red or green is not going to cut it. And if the color of your army changes everytime you battle thats just annoying.

And YES! again being able to upload your own heraldty logo could get way out of control. I have been beta testing MMO's sense there birth. I personally belive the removal of name filters ruined allot games, grant it some are extremely funny but just killing a beast with sword and looking over seeing "arsepirate" helping you kinda takes from the game. Is it really hard to make a 100 or so heraldty logo's and 2 color combos for your look.. I guess i dont know.

This was intended as an idea not anything else