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Old 02-03-2009, 02:33 PM
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Andy Joslin is just really niceAndy Joslin is just really niceAndy Joslin is just really nice

When dawn of fantasy is released you might be able to buy and download it from our publisher, Lighthouse Interactive, otherwise you will be able to buy it from stores like other games.
We also plan to release on Steam.

No truth be told many wouldnt, that would need special training... but wouldnt it be awesome to have a mounted army? it would be costly and time consuming but the speeds would be much improved perhaps at a cost of accuracy but it would be useful Many armies revolved around their cavalry... And you cant say you dont get mounted archers... and of course you get lancers and such

Another question... can you change your units basic weapons? For example a normal sword into a 2 handed sword, a spear into a pike. For example you get 20 infantry, you give 10 spears 5 swords and 5 maces... or would you simplify it into making different unit sets
That sounds kind of like the Orcs to me.