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Old 01-31-2009, 04:59 PM
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Default Mounted units

Okay it has been said many times but i think i may have missed something. It has been said that 'many' units could mount/unmount is that limited,
e.g knights can monut/unmount
or hopefully 'i have 5 horses i shall put 2 spearmen, 2 archers and a swordsman on them'
I have only seen a few games implement the second idea but i think it would be amazing to make all human units able to mount horses, orcs probably wouldnt or at least not much elves perhaps... or perhaps you could incorporate it into the unit skill ladder that comes from the rpg side, perhaps you could spend X amount of points to give the unit the ability to mount

Sorry if i am asking questions already asked or answered or have no relevance
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