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Old 01-27-2009, 08:43 AM
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Patching, as far as PS3 goes, is very easy for developers. Many games I've bought in the past, after running them I find a new update. It's a simple matter of pressing OK (the X button), and waiting about 2 minutes (or more) depending on the size of the patch. I don't think it'd be immensely difficult from the developers side as well.

I'm trying to be impartial here, but it does kind of hurt having a PC and a PS3, so with this game (and most RTS games, as none are ever released on PS3) having more features on Xbox360 from the developers side. I think PC users do tend to get it worst from most developers (not talking of Reverie here, just a general point) as developers see more potential in the console market. Also less support is required in the console market, as all platforms are exactly the same, hence the potential for problems is covered with one simple patch. Then with PCs, there are differenct graphics cards, different configurations, different RAM and so patching problems is a lot more lengthy etc, etc.

Modders are rarely ever able to achieve great, great heights in terms of quality and consistency though it's not their fault at all; the real keys to changes lie in the hands of the makers. Modders can only work within a certain capacity of the game, and some aspects are hardcoded.