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Old 01-18-2009, 02:38 PM
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" I hate in strategy games when the various accessible player colors:
1) Ruin the beauty of the graphics because it is clashing with the colors of the environment
2) Make the player less visible on the map or minimap than with other accessible colors.
3) Don't make clear wich team the player belongs to.
Solutions :
1) Avoid giving access to full saturated colors, like the usual pure blue, pure red, pure green, pure yellow, etc. Lighter and/or less saturated colors is the way to go!
2) Lighter colors better than darker ones. Well, actually I don't mind if the player color act as a camouflage, as long as it's the same for all of them, and they are still recognizable between each other.
3) Keep the colors for a same team in the same tones
-2vs2vs2vs2: yellow/orange, blue/cyan, green/lighter-green, light-grey/black) (Yeah, black is quite visible generally. Maybe it has a bonus at night, don't know.)
-4vs4: pink/red/yellow/orange/, cyan/light-blue/purple/
) "
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