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Old 01-15-2009, 01:37 PM
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But vibrant blue is my favourite faction colour!

Above all else, team colours have a functional purpose in RTS games; at a glance, you can tell what units belong to you, and what units do not. This functional requirement should take full precedence over any artistic preference.

I think the biggest problem will be if you have two players who have the same colour preference fighting each other. This will get even more complicated in battles involving multiple players since there can be further overlap. Two players with the same colour cannot be allowed to occur in a single battle, and any system must establish some contingency to deal with these situations.

Another note is that many of the softer colours - particularly earth tones - should not be acceptable faction colours. The reason is that these colours camouflage into the minimap background colours and provide an unfair advantage to the player using them.