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Originally Posted by domai36 View Post
I first became aware of DOF a long, long time ago. I remember the game was compared to AOE 2 at the time in terms of graphics and features, for that was the RTS to beat at the time. I remember the game featured the gimmick to use different weapons and I didn't think it had what it took to take off.

I then joined for a couple of months much later as QA, balancing the game and doing some basic scripting. I tried to help out for awhile but later decided to leave, as I found a great job as a programmer for a local company.

That was a few years ago.. I think in early 2006. A lot has changed but this game is still going! That is f###ing amazing. Infinite props to Konstantin and everyone else for believing in it. I hope the universe to you guys, especially the ones who stuck in for the long haul, you guys are absolute heroes in my mind and deserve all the riches in the world
Is your name Josh by any chance? idk, heh I joined the dev team quite a bit after you left, but man, everything is changed, like everything, dof in 2009 will have maybe idk, 25% the content dof had in 2006 the rest is all new, and 100% has been edited and updated from then for sure; where still plugging along trying to make this the best game we can make with our team and resources.

Just keep your fingers crossed and I'll be kicking everyones butt in dof by mid year
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